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Best Sandwich Maker in India for quick and tasty meals

Best sandwich maker in India

In this hectic lifestyle, people don’t get time to make tasteful and healthy food. This is when the best sandwich maker in India comes into the picture.

Be it college-going students or office running hustlers, they are always in a hurry to cook something.

A top sandwich maker brand in India appears as a boon. It is useful to make quick, easy, and healthy sandwiches or toasts. However, you can even shallow fry for a quick breakfast. Thus, it makes your life much easier for the breakfast to Grab and Go!

Prestige Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates – PGMFB – 800 Watts

Prestige is a well-established, 63 years old brand in India, one of the largest kitchen appliance organizations.

Till now, products and innovations of Prestige fulfilled all the needs of a modern kitchen in India.

With the rising demand for the best sandwich maker in India, Prestige never fails to impress with this sandwich maker Grill plated model.

So, let’s proceed to know more about the modern sandwich maker/griller designed by Prestige in India.

Features of Prestige Best Sandwich Griller in India:

  • Non-Stick Grill Plates: This one of the best sandwich makers in India has a fix non-stick grill plate. So, it lets you to use less oil or butter. Because it does not let the food stick and makes the breakfast healthier. The sandwich maker Grill plates can make Café style sandwiches by making lining or Criss-cross patterns on them. Along with this, the plate is non-toxic which is a double advantage for healthy cooking.
  • · Lesser energy consumption: This best sandwich maker in India has a design to operate consuming very less power, saving your electricity bills. Also, it has a feature of thermostatic control to regulate the temperature.
  • · Light Indicator: This best sandwich maker brand has incorporated this model with 2 light indicators of red color and green color. So, these indicators let you know when it is plug-in and when it is preheating and ready to make your dish.
  • Comfortable handle: This top sandwich maker in India has a very comfortable handle. This design makes it easy to hold and provides proper grip. Along with this, there is heat-resistant material that prevents burning the hand while using it.
  • Other Special Features: Decent black shiny body, convenient for kitchen, the capacity of 2 sandwiches/4 slices at a time.

Included Components of Best Sandwich Toaster in India:

Sandwich Maker

Warranty of Best Sandwich Toaster in India:

This compact and user-friendly model comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Plastic material quality is not as per expectation

Bottom Line:

This best sandwich maker in India with non-stick grill plates comes with an ergonomic handle. Also, it is very handy and portable. It consumes less energy due to its thermostatic control feature. So, this sandwich maker has a decent-looking compact design that is very easy to use.